Latest changes

7.6a (dev and test):


  1. + Added "EndJumpTable" property in "LabelCase" class.

  2. + Added support for compiling CLEO scripts.

  3. + Added the GXT encoding by Fargus and BadMan.

  4. # Added the "get_current_length_in_ms" method to the "AudioPlayer" plugin, which returns the duration of the current sound in milliseconds.

  5. # Libraries now use .Net Framework 4.8.

  6. # Fixed opcode 07E4.


  1. + Added "Union" class.

  2. + Added the ability to use conditional SCM functions

  3. # The "Calculator" class is no longer a plugin and does not require initialization. It is now a static class.

  4. # Types inherited from the "Function" class can now have arbitrary names.

  5. # Many methods have been renamed to match the American spelling of some words.

  6. # The "is_property_bayed" and "AfterBayed" properties of the "Properties" plugin have been renamed to "is_property_bought" and "AfterBought" respectively.

  7. - The "UseAutomaticVariableInitialization" property of the "Generator" class has been removed.